As the dance year continues on, so does development in class. Once the dancers have learned the proper technique it is time to apply this with choreography.  Recital is a wonderful way to showcase what you have worked on all year, however learning choreography can be daunting. There is no greater frustration than feeling lost in a dance class.  Every dancer at every level has had these “lost” moments in class, and developing skills to make these moments less frequent and all-together obsolete takes practice. Here are some skills to help you pick up choreography faster and more efficiently

1. Focus on the big components first

If you can nail down the patterns and direction, then you will have a general sense of the movement.

2. Break up the phrases

If you can break down the individual choreography into chunks, then it will be easier to retain. Focus on the big movements or sequences and then nail down the remaining details later. (ie. the turn section or the big leap)

3. Give yourself key words to guide you

Talking to yourself while learning choreography can be a helpful tool. Saying to yourself things such as “leap, then roll” can help your brain remember the sequence of steps. Just remember to talk quietly so you don’t get any strange glances from your fellow dancers.

4. Practice makes Perfect!

As any skill, practicing both in and out of the studio will help you feel more prepared in class. Taking the extra time to go over what you have learned will only make it easier to pick up the new choreography in class. That way, you can focus on the new movements while perfecting the old.