Photo Day is approaching! Here are some tips for preparing for a dance photoshoot.

Remember, the more prepared you are the better your photos will be!

  1. Make sure you know what you will be wearing for your photoshoot. If you are wearing 2 or more outfits practice changing so that you don’t lose any time for more pictures!
  2. Practice your makeup for the shoot. Try taking a picture of your face with flash on against a white background to ensure you aren’t washed out.
  3. Plan to have your hair pulled off your face.
  4. Look up photos of dancers! See if there are any specific poses you want to do. Having poses prepared will help to get many different poses and more pictures within your time slot. This way time isn’t spent trying to figure out what to do.
  5. Can’t think of anything? Ask your fellow dancers or teachers for ideas.
  6. Practice your poses at home so you feel ready and confident for the photoshoot.

At photo day don’t be nervous! As a dancer herself, Ms. Mikayla will be very helpful to make sure you get photos you can be proud of.

We look forward to celebrating the end of the year and Recital with fabulous photos of you doing what you do best!