Your core is everything when it comes to dance.

  • Want to do multiple turns?
  • Want to balance for a long time?
  • Want to hold your leg high?
  • Want to get rid of your sway back?
  • What to have stability and control?
  • Want to jump high?

Guess what…you need a strong core!!

What is your core? It the muscles that surround the center of your body. This includes: your abdominals, obliques, diaphragm, pelvic floor, trunk extensors, and hip flexors.

Planks are one of the best exercises to improve your core.

One exercise to try: hold a classic plank for at least 30 seconds (legs straight, toes tucked, on your forearms/elbows). Challenge: See how long you can hold a plank.

However, there are many different types of planks!

Examples of Planks:

  1. On your knees, instead of toes (modification)
  2. On your hands, instead of elbows (more shoulder work, less abdominal work)
  3. Side planks (works your obliques!)
  4. One-legged plank holds (one foot on ground, your other knee tucked to your chest)
  5. Mountain Climbers (alternating leg tucks)
  6. Hip Dips (rotate hips side to side-down towards the floor)
  7. Up Up, Down Downs (moving back and forth from elbows to hands)
  8. Planks with feet on an exercise ball or towel
    • Hold plank
    • Tuck your knees in to your chest and then lengthen your legs back out (& repeat)
    • Lift your hips into a pike (downward dog) and then lengthen your legs back out (& repeat)

There are so many more options! Changing it up makes it more fun and works different muscles that make up your core.

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