It’s almost recital time and while the costumes and music are exciting, what about the sudden realization of dancing in front of an audience? Stage fright is common among all ages; even the most seasoned pros can be accustomed to stage fright. Here are some tips to cope!

Practice Makes Perfect

It may be an obvious solution, but the more comfortable you feel doing the routine, the less likely you are to doubt yourself and become uncomfortable with your surroundings.

Look Above the Audience and Not at Them

This is one of my most helpful tricks. When you are on stage, pick a focal point that’s right above everyone’s head.  This way your focus stays lifted and direct verses looking in someone’s face which may be nerve racking. Just make sure you don’t look too high, this may look unnatural and distracting.

Have a Pep – Talk with Your Fellow Dancers

Felling comfortable with others on stage may help put you at ease.  And remembering that you have a friendly face to go through the motions with always helps aid in removing stage freight.

Go on the Stage Before You Perform

Hopefully you have a tech or dress rehearsal, but if not- having a moment to see and feel the stage space helps you feel much more comfortable once you are on it.  Ask your teachers if you are allowed to grab a spare moment on the empty stage before the audience comes in.