I hope you have spent some time clicking around our new website! We’ve been working really hard to make some much needed updates for the studio. A great new feature is the Studio Portal. Now you can login and see your payments and pay for tuition all in one place. Now, if you still want to stop by the studio to pay- we will greatly appreciate your company. The new Studio Portal feature allows you to register for classes- contact us- and see all of your payments. You can even print out your own receipts when needed. Make sure all your information is correct on your main account- ie telephone number- address. There will only be one login per family so you can change email and passwords as needed. If you would like to enroll in auto payments you can add a card to your account. In doing so, tuition and other charges will be taken out of your account without you needing to log on. Additionally, you can also add a card to use whenever needed and apply a payment to that card when you want it to be charged. With the new Studio Portal some procedures will change:

  • You will be required to enter a Credit Card number when you register
  • Private Payments will need to be made before the Private is scheduled
  • You will sign all waivers electronically so they will be on file for reference
  • Registration will be done online