Questions for Cami

The 2021-2022 season was Cami’s first year with the company.

She is in our Intensity group.

Why did you join company?

“I grew up learning mostly Ballet and doing only two performances a year, so I wanted to have more opportunities to perform and to try competing.”

How have you liked competing?

“I love it! The company is all pretty tight knit, so it’s fun to compete with your friends. It also gives you more performance experience, so when it comes to the recital, you feel more ready and comfortable on stage.”

What is your favorite thing about Company?

“My favorite thing about company is the bonds that you form with your dance friends because everyone is super supportive but also challenges you to be better.”

What was the highlight of 2021-2022 season?

“Nationals at Virginia Beach. Most competitions go by so fast, but at Nationals we get the whole week to perform and bond with friends and teachers. We also get multiple chances to compete our dances.”

How do you feel like being with the company has changed/affected you?

“Before joining the company, I would get bored of dance classes, and there were many times that I didn’t feel like going to dance. Now I look forward to going to dance and I feel more motivated to improve!”