Questions for Cassie

Cassie is currently in our youngest group, Fusion.
The 2020-2021 season was her first year dancing at JSDA.

Why did you join Company?

After experience dancing at a non-competitive studio I wanted a new
challenge and that was to try competition dance.

What is your favorite thing about Company?

There are higher levels with older dancers that are more skilled than
you and you can watch them and learn from them. It gives me a goal
to strive for.

What is your favorite style of dance? Why?

Before JSDA, my favorite was Contemporary because I liked to
express my feelings in dance. Now, I like Jazz the best because I love
the way Ms. Xavaire teaches and her classes are really fun!

Do you like large group Company dances or small group the
best? Why?

It depends because sometimes small group is good to feel the
energy from different people and it gives me a chance to make
stronger connections with them. Large group dances are good too
because it’s with the older dancers and I can do my best to keep up
with them when doing the same steps. It’s really special to dance
with them.

Question for Cassie’s Mom!

What makes JSDA standout for you?

JSDA is large enough to have a broad array of class options and
learning paths but small enough to feel like it is a family operated
and a close knit program. I am proud to be a part of JSDA and to
support JSDA because I feel that JSDA is in support of their families
too. I also love the staff history and their backgrounds. I have so much
respect for the teachers’ choreography, visions, and different
teaching styles. JSDA provides different growth options for dancers
of all ages. I am also truly amazed at the growth I’ve seen in my
daughter after her first year here

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