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At James School of Dance Arts we pride ourselves in having classes for everyone, from diverse styles, multiple levels, and all ages. In our studios you can find anything from pre-professional training for serious students to classes for young children and adult beginners. There is a place for everyone at JSDA!

See the class descriptions below for more detailed information on class offerings.


This class is centered on fundamental acrobatic technique to increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, body awareness, self-discipline, and confidence. Classes focus on proper hand placement and body alignment with emphasis on the muscles and flexibility required to perform proper technique. Dancers will learn tumbling and flexibility skills in conjunction with dance phrases and choreography.


This classical form of dance is derived from french terminology. Ballet focuses on specific feet and body facings both at the barre and in center work. Dancers will lean formalized steps, intricate movement patterns, and a wide variety of ballet vocabulary. At JSDA we believe ballet is the core of all dance and we strongly advise all students take ballet class as part of their growth and development as a dancer. At JSDA we do not focus on one specific ballet technique such as RAD, Cecchetti, or Vaganova- but incorporate all techniques  into class.


An advanced class for ballet dancers who wish to further develop their technique in ballet by adding Pointe shoes. Pointe shoes provide an added challenge to dancer’s normal movements while simultaneously creating longer lines and added height. Due to the unique nature and complexity of Pointe shoes, dancers must pass an audition and be given teacher approval before dancing on Pointe.


This dance style largely focuses on rhythm and sounds produced by tap shoes. Tappers will learn tap vocabulary and new and exciting rhythmic patterns and sounds. Students will apply this new rhythmic musicality to tap choreography.


Jazz technique is a visually technical style that combines isolations, sharp and fluid movements with specific jazz vocabulary. Class format consists of a warm-up to enhance core strengthening, balance practices, extensions exercises, and leaps and turns. Students will build diverse combinations and routines. We recommend all dancers take ballet in addition to jazz to help improve technique.


Students will continue to advance in proper jazz technique while also applying elements of Broadway style, such as acting and use of props while dancing. Dancers will focus not only on technique but performance quality. Dancers should be well versed in jazz technique and terminology for this class.


This class is a combination of ballet, jazz, and contemporary styles. Lyrical class focuses on applying dance technique to rhythmic and emotional cues found in music.  New dance vocabulary such as turns and leaps will also be taught in this class


This class is a blend of modern and lyrical styles while adapting to current dance trends. Contemporary class is for intermediate to advanced dancers. Elements of improvisation will be taught in this class and will help expand a dancer’s artistry and individual dance movement.


Modern dance is an expressive adaptive dance style which focuses on unique rhythmic patterns, deep grounded weight shifts, and movements initiated from the core. At JSDA we do not focus on one specific modern technique but include elements of Horton, Graham, and Limon in our curriculum.


Hip Hop class teaches rhythm, unique body isolations, and musicality. Hip Hop choreography is creative and allows dancers to keep up with current social dances, while challenging them to create their own unique style. Classes are taught to popular music in an energetic and fast pace class.


This technique class helps to enhance abilities in leaps and turns across all genres. This class will focus on strength and flexibility as well as the techniques for specific skills. This class is recommended for dancers who are interested in the JSDA Company.  

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