Questions for Veronica

The 2022-2023 season was Veronica’s first year with the company. She is in our Fusion group.

Why did you join company?

“I saw the connection that everyone had with each other and how supportive everyone was, and I really wanted to experience that for myself.”


How is your second year with company different than your first?

“In my first year I was way more shy, scared, and closed off. This year I am much more outgoing and open to dance whenever I can. I don’t feel embarrassed or care what anyone thinks.”


Why do you enjoy competing?

“I like the chaos of the quick changes and performing on stage and also the bonding with my teammates.”


What is your favorite thing about Company?

“My favorite thing is getting to spend time with my friends.”


What was the highlight of 2022-2023 season?

“Getting the golden ticket at our first competition.”


How do you feel like being with the company has changed/affected you?

“I used to be way less confident and very quiet. I got to gain a lot more confidence in myself because of the support that I get from my teachers and my teammates.”