Want to get started in dance but having doubts? Trying something new can be daunting, and we are often stuck wondering where to start. Here are seven tips for beginner dancers to help you get moving!

1. Try different styles

Dance can vary vastly from one style to another. Perhaps you tried a Contemporary class, and it wasn’t quite your jam. Maybe next is a Hip Hop class where you can focus on rhythm and smaller movements!

2. Don’t skip the warm-up

You might feel like you can jump straight into movement without waking your body up first. At best, you will be more sore, and at worst, you risk injury. Be sure to leave time to give your body a proper warm up – it will thank you later!

3. Ditch comparisons

Everybody naturally jumps to comparisons, especially when trying something new. This is the quickest way to squelch a new passion! It is important to continually remind yourself that everyone learns, progresses, and expresses differently. Turn your attention back to yourself, your goals, and what YOU have to offer.

4. Feel the rhythm of the music

This might sound like a vague tip, but it will come more naturally than you think. Try clapping to the downbeat of a song. Then switch to tapping your feet. These are basic practices for feeling and expressing rhythm.

5. Posture is key

The simplest way to improve your dancing is to maintain good posture. This doesn’t just mean pulling your shoulders back. Lifting your chin and engaging your abdominals to support your upper body will not only make you look more poised; it will make you feel ten times more confident.

6. Practice on your own

Remember that skills are not developed in one class. In between classes, try following a YouTube tutorial or asking your dance teachers for homework. Progress will take effort, not only in consistent classes, but also on your own.

7. Prioritize fun

Yes, you probably want to learn, expand your knowledge, and see improvements. Ultimately, though, moving your body to music is one of the greatest gifts of release and enjoyment. So, enjoy it!