As dancers, we know and appreciate that there is more to dance than steps, smiles, and 8-counts. Let’s dive a little deeper into the ways in which your dance training is going to aid you in real life situations.


1. Passion – The amount of commitment, discipline, and effort that goes into dance training requires an abundance of passion. This is why dancers are among the most passionate individuals! Carry that passion with you – it will come in handy when facing life’s stumbling blocks.

2. Teamwork & Accountability – As dancers, you learn quickly how to work together with your team to create a beautiful performance. You adapt to working closely with different personalities. You recognize that each teammate’s role is equally important. If you are going to miss a rehearsal, you communicate with your directors. You will find these life skills to be very helpful when you start to take on greater responsibilities.

3. Perseverance – Nothing worth having ever comes easy. Did you get your pirouettes on the first try? Probably not. It takes years of practice and repetition – both in dance and in life. The results are always worth the work, and recognizing that truth sooner rather than later is one of the greatest keys to success.

4. Confidence & Self-Trust – Do you remember the first time you got on stage in front of an audience? How about the rush of pride and accomplishment after you left the stage? These moments remind us what we are truly capable of. That the scariest moments in life are sometimes the greatest opportunities for growth.

5. Creativity – If you are a dancer, chances are you’ve been asked to be creative in some way. You have followed an improvisation prompt. You have choreographed your own 8-count. In an economy that values creativity and innovation now more than ever, a creative mind is very valuable. The ability to have an open mind, to overcome prejudice, and to think outside the box is invaluable.