You’ve made it through the school year and recital, and now it’s officially time for summer break. Summer is a wonderful time to rejuvenate and rest but also a great time to rebuild!


Did you know you can lose your flexibility and strength if you don’t maintain your dance training?


Being active is crucial for longevity within a dance career. Making sure you are still taking class or supplementing with other forms of fitness (yoga, cross training, Pilates) are all vital steps to keeping both your dance technique, and mental stamina right where you left it.


Here are some Tips for Successful Summer Training


Enroll in Summer Class


Summer classes are usually shorter and will provide your
body with the training it needs. Also, this is a great time to get back to
basics and work on your technique.


Stay Active


Don’t sit on the couch and binge on Netflix all day- make
sure your body is active- whether that means taking a walk or swimming. No
couch potatoes here!




I cannot stress the importance of stretching during the
summer. Our muscles need to maintain the length and flexibility we have worked
so hard for during the year. Grab a Theraband and work those feet and hips!


Try Something New


The best part of summer training is that it’s a short period
of time. Try something new that will ultimately benefit your dance technique-
are you a jazz dancer… try a ballet class!


Hopefully these Tips will help you pick up right where you
left off!


Enjoy these Sunny Summer Days!