Performing is a large part of a dancer’s life. It allows a dancer to share their creative expression and technical abilities. It is a time to bring together all their hard work in the studio and show an audience progress and talent. It is an amazing time for dancers to feel united towards the same goal and feel proud of their teamwork and collaboration. It takes responsibility and commitment to put on an amazing performance. Most of all, it’s fun!

Some people may not know the steps to putting on a great show! Or they have some questions about performing. So here are some Do’s and Don’ts that may help.

Hair and Makeup!

Don’t come to your performance unprepared! Anything can happen in show business and you do not want to end up not having enough time to get ready for the show.

Do come with your hair and makeup already finished! Or if you need help, plan that into your schedule. Then, ask someone for a convenient time during show day (or a day before!) to show you/assist you. Also, make a checklist of all the items you need for your hair, makeup, costume, etc. so that you can check back and make sure you have all the supplies you need.


Don’t stay up late the night before; you need a good night’s sleep! Also, do not eat foods the day of that are high in fat or fiber, you do not want your body working hard to digest those foods. You want to save your energy for the dance! Also, do not eat or drink things that are high in sugar. That will only give you a short boost of energy that will not last long enough for your performance.

Do get at least 7-8 hours of sleep! Also, drink a lot of water in the days leading up to the performance (always drink a lot of water!). Consume foods that are high in protein. The best time to eat is about 2-3 hours before your performance. That way your body has processed the proteins and you no longer feel full!

Have Pre-Show Jitters?

Don’t Freak!

Do take a step back and breathe. Even professionals get nervous. Maybe create some type of routine or ritual before each show. It may sound obsessive but it’s not. Use it as something to focus on to take your mind off of your nerves. Before every performance I have, I like to balance in Passé for at least ten counts on each leg. It’s a way to build strength and warm up my legs at the same time. It makes me focus on my breath and use my core to center myself.  Now, this does not need to be what you do before a performance. It may be something like doing jumping jacks to get some of your adrenaline out or even listening to your favorite song! Also, have faith in yourself. You have practiced many times for the performance. Rely on yourself that all those hours put in will show when you perform.

If you have other questions never hesitate to ask! We would love to hear from you whether it’s further questions, or tips that you have on how to give a great performance.